Cookies are small text elements used to store information on web browsers.
Cookies are used, in particular, to store and receive login credentials and other information on devices such as computers or telephones.
Other technologies, including the data that we store on Users' web browsers, the credentials associated with a User device and other software, are used for similar purposes.
Throughout this policy, we refer to all these technologies as “cookies”.
We use cookies if Users have an INVESTDUBAI account, including on our website and applications, or if Users view other websites and applications using INVESTDUBAI.
Cookies allow INVESTDUBAI to offer the services to Users and to understand the information received from them, including information about their use of other websites and applications, whether they are registered or logged in or not.
This policy explains how we use cookies and presents the choices which Users may make in this regard. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, the Data Usage Policy will apply to our processing of the data we collect through cookies.
  • 1. Why do we use cookies?
    Cookies help us to offer, protect and improve INVESTDUBAI (e.g. by personalising content), as well as to adapt and measure advertisements, as well as to offer a more secure experience.
    The cookies we use include session cookies, which are deleted when Users close their browser, and permanent cookies, which remain on Users’ browsers until they expire or are deleted.
    Although the cookies we use may change as INVESTDUBAI are improved and updated, we use these for the purposes described below.
  • 1.1. Authentication
    We use cookies to check User accounts and determine when Users have logged in, so as to facilitate access to INVESTDUBAI and offer them an experience and  features suited to their use.
    They also help us register User web browsers to avoid their being required to log onto INVESTDUBAI each time, and for them to connect more easily through third-party applications and websites.
  • 1.2. Site security and service integrity
    We use cookies to guarantee the security of user accounts, user data and INVESTDUBAI.
    We also use cookies to store information allowing us to recover Users' accounts if they forget their password, or to request additional authentication if they advise us that their accounts have been hacked.
    Cookies also allow us to fight against activity in violation of our policies or impairing our ability to provide INVESTDUBAI.
    We also use cookies to detect computers infected with malicious software and to prevent them from causing further damage.
    Cookies also help us prevent INVESTDUBAI accounts from being created by persons not authorised to register because of their age.
  • 1.3. Advertising, recommendations, statistics, and measurements
    We use cookies to offer advertisements and recommend companies and other organisations to persons who may be interested in their products, services or the causes they support.
    Cookies allow us to limit the number of times Users view an advertisement, so that the same advertisement is not repeatedly displayed.
    They also help us measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns which are disseminated.
    We also use cookies to measure how often people take action, e.g. making a purchase after having seen an advertisement.
    Cookies help us to disseminate and measure advertisements on different browsers and devices used by one same person.
    They also allow us to offer statistics on persons using INVESTDUBAI and persons interacting with the advertising, websites and applications of our advertisers and companies who are users of INVESTDUBAI.
    We also use cookies to allow Users to no longer see certain advertisements on INVESTDUBAI based on their activity on third-party websites.
  • 1.4. Site Features and Services
    We use cookies to implement features which help us offer INVESTDUBAI.
    If Users are administrators of a Page, cookies allow them to transition from publishing on their INVESTDUBAI account to publishing on this page.
    We use cookies such as temporary session cookies to support their use of discussion windows.
    We also use cookies to offer Users content matching their local settings.
  • 1.5. Performance
    Cookies are used to make website usage as enjoyable as possible.
    Cookies also help us record the format and dimensions of the User screens and their windows, and to be aware when they activate the high-contrast mode, so as to correctly display our website and our applications.
  • 1.6. Analysis and research
    We use cookies to better understand how people use INVESTDUBAI, in order to be able to improve them.
  • 1.7. External websites and applications
    Our business partners may also choose to share their information with
    INVESTDUBAI using cookies placed on the domains for their own website, whether or not Users have an INVESTDUBAI account or whether or not they are logged on.
    In contrast with cookies installed on domains belonging to INVESTDUBAI cannot access these cookies when Users are on a site other than the one on which these cookies are installed, including when they are on a domain belonging to us.
    They have the same functions as cookies on INVESTDUBAI domains, i.e., to personalise content (including advertisements), adapt and measure advertisements, produce analysis data and offer a more secure experience, as indicated in detail in this Cookie Usage Policy.
  • 2. When do we use cookies?
    We may place cookies on Users’ computers or devices and receive information stored in cookies when Users use or consult:
    -       INVESTDUBAI;
    -       Services offered by other members of the Group;
    -       websites and applications offered by other companies that use INVESTDUBAI, including companies that integrate INVESTDUBAI technologies with their websites and their applications.
    INVESTDUBAI uses cookies and receives information when Users view these websites and applications; this includes, in particular, information on the devices and information on their activity, no other action being taken by them. This happens whether or not Users have an INVESTDUBAI account and whether or not they are logged on.
  • 3. Do other entities use cookies in connection with INVESTDUBAI?
    Yes, other entities are likely to use cookies on INVESTDUBAI to provide us with services- both us and companies that advertise on INVESTDUBAI.
    These other entities are, in particular, companies belonging to the same Group as INVESTDUBAI, the GREENBULL GROUP.

    Third parties may also use cookies on their own websites and applications in connection with INVESTDUBAI.
    To understand how these third parties use cookies, please consult their policies.
  • 4. How can you control the use of cookies by INVESTDUBAI?
    We use cookies to help Users customise and improve content and services, provide a more secure experience and show them useful and relevant ads on INVESTDUBAI and elsewhere.
  • 5. Control of browser cookies:
    The User's browser or device may offer settings allowing them to choose whether the browser cookies are enabled and to delete them.
    These controls vary according to the browser and manufacturers may change the settings available and their functioning at any time.
    As of 5 October 2020, Users are able to find additional information on the controls suggested by popular browsers by consulting the links below.
    Some parts of INVESTDUBAI may not work properly if Users have disabled the use of cookies in their browser.
    Users must be aware that the controls are different from those offered by INVESTDUBAI.
    ·       Google Chrome;
    ·       Internet Explorer.
    ·       Firefox;
    ·       Safari;
    ·       Safari Mobile
    ·       Opera.
Date of last revision: 1 April 2021