INVESTDUBAI is intended first and foremost to be a space conducive to communication and we take our role to prevent abuse of our Services very seriously.
For this reason, we have implemented the INVESTDUBAI Community Standards, defining what is authorised or not authorised on INVESTDUBAI.
Our objective is to allow Users to find in INVESTDUBAI a place of expression allowing them to share diverse points of view, experiences and information, and in which each person can openly express their point of view, even if they disagree with others.
Freedom of expression is fundamental on INVESTDUBAI. However, we are aware that such a space of communication may be a source of abuse.
We may therefore be required to limit freedom of expression. Where this is the case, we will always do this in accordance with the values we consider essential:
- Accuracy: We want to ensure that the content seen by individuals on INVESTDUBAI is true and accurate. - Safety: We are committed to making INVESTDUBAI a safe place. Forms of expression which threaten others can intimidate, exclude or reduce them to silence, and are not allowed on INVESTDUBAI.- Confidentiality: We are committed to protecting User privacy and information. - Respect: We believe that each individual is deserving of the same rights and dignity. We expect each person to respect the dignity of others, and that they not harass or belittle others.Our Community Standards apply to all, everywhere in the world, and to all types of content. These have been designed to be exhaustive. For example, content which would not be considered hateful could still be deleted because it violates another policy. We know that words have different meanings and do not affect everyone in the same way according to their local community, their language and their origins. We make every effort to address such nuances while applying our policies fairly and consistently for each user and for their freedom of expression. Our applying these standards is based on the information we have. In some cases, this means that we may not detect content and behaviour in violation of these standards, and in other cases, their application may be limited to the circumstances in which we came to know of this context and additional information.
It is possible to report potentially infringing content, including Pages, Groups, Profiles, individual content or comments. We also help Users to control their own experience by allowing them to block, unsubscribe or hide people and posts.
Violation of our Community Standards gives rise to a series of consequences which shall vary according to the severity of the violation and the person’s history on the platform. We may, for example, warn a person in the case of a first offence, but if this person continues to breach our regulations, we may limit their ability to publish content on INVESTDUBAI or we may deactivate their profile. Where we believe that content represents a real risk of physical harm or a direct attack on public safety, we may also inform the authorities.
Our Community Standards define what is authorised or not authorised on INVESTDUBAI. It is in this spirit that we ask that members of the community follow these rules.
  • 1. Financial and investment advice
    INVESTDUBAI is a platform that facilitates the creation of a community and the sharing of information, in particular information on investment and financial markets topics.Our Services are aimed at all audiences, including persons who are not qualified and investment professionals.
    INVESTDUBAI is not intended to be used as a source of personalised investment recommendations. Users are therefore not authorised to publish content which may be construed as advice, analyses, consultations, recommendations or opinions on investment, whatever the nature thereof, by presenting themselves as persons qualified or authorised to do so.
    We are aware that our Users’ aim is to benefit from information relating to these areas and in order not to distort INVESTDUBAI’s purpose, we authorise them to publish content relating to investments and/or financial markets, insofar as this is for educational, informational and community purposes.
    Content accessible via INVESTDUBAI should not replace any independent, in-depth market research before any investment decision is made.
  • 2. Violence and criminal behaviour
  • 2.1. Violence and provocation
    We wish to prevent any risk of offline danger potentially related to content on INVESTDUBAI.
    Although it is common for users to express their disdain or disagreement in the form of threats or calls to violence, albeit in a non-serious manner, we delete words that encourage or allow for serious violence.
    When we believe that content represents a real risk of physical harm or a direct attack on public safety, we delete the content, deactivate the accounts concerned and collaborate with the authorities.
     We also attempt to examine the language used and its context to distinguish trivial statements from those representing a real threat to public safety or to an individual’s safety.
    To determine a threat’s credibility, we may examine other information, e.g. the degree of public exposure of an individual and risks to their physical safety.
  • 2.2. Dangerous individuals or organisations
    In order to avoid and prevent any real danger, organisations or individuals claiming to have violent objectives or who are involved in violent activity are not welcome on INVESTDUBAI. This includes organisations and individuals involved in the following activities:
    -       Terrorist activity
    -       Organised hatred
    -       Murder (including attempts) or multiple homicides
    -       Human trafficking
    -       Violence or organised crime
  • 2.3. Promoting criminal activity
    In order to prevent offline harm and identity theft, we prohibit the facilitating, organising, promoting or admission of certain criminal activity aimed at persons, companies, property or animals. We authorise persons to debate and plead in favour of the legality of certain criminal and deleterious activity as well as to point to criminal activity which they may have witnessed or been victims of, provided they do not defend or organise harmful activity.
  • 2.4. Regulated goods
    In order to encourage safety and compliance with general legal restrictions, we prohibit any attempt by individuals, producers or traders to purchase, sell or exchange non-therapeutic substances, drugs and marijuana. We also prohibit the purchasing, sale, donation, exchange and transfer of firearms, including firearms and ammunition, between individuals, on INVESTDUBAI. Some of these items are not regulated everywhere; however, due to the borderless nature of our community, we attempt to apply our regulations as consistently as possible.
  • 2.5. Fraud and deception
    In order to prevent fraudulent activity which may harm individuals or companies, we delete content which is misleading or presents false information voluntarily or fraudulently or exploits third parties for money or property. This includes content seeking to coordinate or promote such activity using our services.
    We authorise persons to raise awareness on these topics, while condemning these activities.
  • 3. Security
  • 3.1. Harassment and intimidation
    Harassment and intimidation occur in various places and in different forms, whether this involves the threat of dissemination of identifiable personal information, sending threatening messages or malicious unwanted contact. We do not tolerate this type of behaviour, because it prevents people from feeling respected and safe on INVESTDUBAI.
    We distinguish between public personalities and private individuals, because our platform advocates exchange; this often entails critical comments about individuals who attract the attention of the media or the general public. Regarding public personalities, we delete serious attacks and certain attacks directly identifying the public personality in a publication or comment. As concerns private individuals, the protection we provide is broader: we remove content intended to be little a person or cover him/her with shame, and, in particular, statements relating to a person’s sexual activities. We recognise that bullying and harassment can have more serious emotional repercussions for minors. For this reason, our policies offer greater protection for users aged 13 to 18.
    Context and intent are important; we authorise people to publish and share posts if the content clearly seeks to condemn bullying and harassment or to draw attention to such behaviour. In some cases, we ask that the targeted person report the harassment themselves, as this allows us to know that they feel intimidated and harassed. 
  • 3.2. Violation of privacy and right to image confidentiality
    At INVESTDUBAI, we are deeply committed to confidentiality and to protecting our users’ personal information. We work hard to protect their identity and personal information and we do not authorise individuals to publish personal or confidential information about them or about third parties.
    We delete any content sharing, offering or soliciting personally-identifiable information or other private information which could cause physical or financial harm, including financial, residential and medical information, as well as information obtained from illegal sources.
    We also grant our users the opportunity to report any image which according to them violates their privacy rights.
  • 4. Reprehensible content
  • 4.1. Speech inciting hatred
    We believe that people express themselves and interact more freely when they do not feel attacked on the basis of who they are. For this reason, we prohibit any type of hate speech on INVESTDUBAI. This creates an intimidating and exclusionary environment and may, in some cases, encourage offline violence.
    We define hate speech as a direct attack against people based on what we call protected characteristics: ethnic origin, national origin, disability, religion, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, and serious illness. We define an attack as violent or dehumanising speech, offensive stereotypes, an assertion of inferiority, expression of contempt, disgust or dismissal, insult or a call for exclusion or segregation. We consider age to be a protected characteristic when it is mentioned in parallel with another protected characteristic. We also protect refugees, migrants, immigrants and asylum seekers from the most serious attacks, although we allow comments on and criticism of immigration policies. Similarly, we protect certain characteristics, e.g. profession, where this is mentioned in parallel with a protected characteristic.
    We recognise that users sometimes share content including someone else’s hate speech, to condemn or educate others about it. In other cases, statements which could violate our Standards may be used in a self-referenced or empowering manner.
  • 4.2. Violent and explicit content
    We remove any content glorifying violence, or advocating the suffering or humiliation of others, as this is likely to create an environment not conducive to participation. We authorise explicit content (with certain restrictions) to help individuals raise awareness in their communities on various issues. We recognise that people appreciate being able to discuss important topics such as human rights violations or acts of terrorism. We also know that not all people express the same sensitivity towards violent and explicit content.
  • 4.3. Nudity and sexual activity involving adults
    We limit the display of nudity scenes and sexual activity, as some individuals in our community may be sensitive to this type of content. In addition, by default, we delete images of a sexual nature to prevent the sharing of content showing non-consensual acts or showing minors. Restrictions on the displaying of sexual activity also apply to digitally-created content, unless such content is published for educational, humorous or satirical purposes.
  • 4.4. Sexual solicitation
    We set restrictions where content allows, encourages, or coordinates sexual meetings or commercial sexual services between adults, e.g. prostitution or escort services. In so doing, we avoid promoting transactions which may involve sexual acts in the context of trafficking, under constraint and which are non-consensual. We also limit sexually explicit language which may lead to solicitation, as some groups within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content or it may have a direct impact on their ability to communicate with friends and the community in general.
  • 4.5. Cruel and rude words
    We believe that people share and communicate more freely when they do not feel targeted based on what makes them vulnerable. Consequently, we have higher expectations regarding content which we qualify as cruel and insensitive, which we define as content targeting the victims of serious physical or emotional harm.
    We remove all explicit attempts to mock victims.
  • 5. Integrity and authenticity
  • 5.1. Account integrity and authentic identity
    Authenticity is the cornerstone of our community. We believe that authenticity contributes to creating a community in which people are accountable to each other and to INVESTDUBAI. Our wish is to take into account the diverse means of expressing identity in our global community, while preventing identity theft and false information about identity. For this reason, we ask that individuals log onto INVESTDUBAI using their name used on a daily basis. Our rules of authenticity are aimed at creating a safe environment in which people may trust each other and hold each other accountable.
    In order to maintain a safe environment and strengthen freedom of expression, we also remove accounts that are harmful to the community, including those compromising the security of other accounts and compromising our services.
    As deleting an account is a severe and harsh course of action, we wish, whenever possible, to give our community the opportunity to learn our rules and abide by our Community Standards. Sanctions, including account deactivations, are designed to be proportional to the severity of the violation and to the risk of damage to the community. Ongoing breaches in spite of repeated warnings and restrictions, or breaches presenting a significant security risk, will result in deactivation of an account.
  • 5.2. Undesirable content
    We work intensively to limit the dissemination of spam, because we do not wish to authorise content aimed at deceiving or trying to mislead users for the sake of greater visibility. This content creates a negative experience, reduces users’ chances of automatically becoming involved in online communities and can threaten the safety, stability and usage of our services. We also intend to prevent abuse of our platforms, products or features for the purpose of increasing visibility or disseminating content in bulk for the sake of commercial benefit.
  • 5.3. Cybersecurity
    We acknowledge that the security of our users includes the security of their personal information, their accounts and our services. Attempts to gather sensitive personal information through misleading or invasive methods cause harm to the authentic, open and secure atmosphere encouraged by us, and may be used to compromise user accounts as well as our services. Therefore, we do not allow attempts to gather sensitive user information through the misuse of our platform and products.
  • 5.4. Misleading behaviour
    As part of our commitment to authenticity, we do not allow individuals to lie about their identity on INVESTDUBAI, use false accounts, artificially increase the popularity of their content, or adopt behaviour aimed at enabling other violations under our Community Standards. The purpose of this policy is to protect the security of account users and that of our services and to create a space in which people can trust others and the communities with which they interact.
  • 5.5. False information
    Limiting the dissemination of false information on INVESTDUBAI is a responsibility we take very seriously. We also recognise that this is a challenging and sensitive matter. We want people to stay informed without productive public debates being stifled. In addition, false information and satire or personal opinions are just one step away from each other. For these reasons, we significantly limit the dissemination of such information.
  • 5.6. Distorted media
    The media, including images, audio tracks or videos may be modified in different ways. In many cases, these changes are insignificant, e.g. a filter on a photo. In other cases, the distortion is not visible and may be deceptive, especially in the case of video content. We intend to remove this category of distorted media when the aforementioned criteria are met.
  • 6. Respect for intellectual property
    At INVESTDUBAI, we take intellectual property rights very seriously and are convinced that they play an important role in promoting expression, creativity and innovation within our community. The content and information that users publish on INVESTDUBAI belong to them, and they control how they share their content through privacy settings and applications. However, before sharing content on INVESTDUBAI, you must ensure that you have the right to.
    We require Users to respect the copyright of others, as well as trademarks and any other rights recognised by law. We are committed to helping people and companies promote and protect their intellectual property rights. INVESTDUBAI’s terms and conditions of use do not authorise the publishing of content infringing the intellectual property rights held by others, including copyright and trademarks.
  • 7. Decisions and requests relating to content
  • 7.1. User requests
    We accept:
    -       Requests issued by users regarding the deletion of their own account;
    -       Requests to delete the account of a deceased user issued by a close family member or a verified executor;
    -       Requests to delete the account of a disabled user issued by an authorised representative.
  • 7.2. Additional protection for minors
    We process:
    -       Requests concerning the deletion of accounts for individuals who are younger than the minimum age.
    -       Government requests regarding the deletion of images representing child abuse, such as, for example, children who are beaten, strangled or suffocated by an adult.
    -       Requests made by a legal guardian concerning the deletion of attacks on minors made involuntarily famous.