Raising the standard in Property investment

InvestDubai is the luxury real estate investment arm of Greenbull Group, a French-Swiss international conglomerate.
Total Value Created
Successful projects

Our Mission

Elevate Dubai's global quality of life by creating exceptional properties and living spaces, making this city the world's happiest to live in.

Creating opportunities since 2020


Indentifying potential

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized a market opportunity in undervalued luxury properties with great upside.

Market Confirmation

After successfully testing the waters with one property, we expanded our operation and invested in more, ultimately receiving market confirmation to scale our activities.

Massive Expansion

We renovated an entire cluster, simultaneously refurbishing over 20 luxury properties.

Creating Value

Our capacity to fill the gap in the luxury real estate market in Dubai resulted in a total value creation exceeding $300 million at current market price.

Still Hungry

Everyday, we identify more and more opportunities, and we are determined to keep adding value to improve the global quality of life.

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How to invest ?

We provide solutions for both retail and professional investors.
Retail investors
From $500 via our crowdfunding solution.

• Starting $500
• Investment through our DFSA regulated partner
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Professional Investors
Tailored solutions for professional and institutional investors:

• From $5M
• Investment via dedicated Special Purpose Vehicle
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Starting $500
Investment through our DFSA regulated partner


From $5M
Investment via dedicated Special Purpose Vehicle