• 1. What is InvestDubai?
  • 1.1. About InvestDubai
    InvestDubai is a platform that makes fractional property investment possible through a regulated property investment platform SmartCrowd.
    InvestDubai is a brand of Greenbull Services FZ LLC  which has a partnership with SmartCrowd to utilize their platform to offer assets on a fraction basis. Smart Crowd is authorized and regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority.
    All investment activity on InvestDubai is administered by Smart Crowd, who ensure that your investments are structured appropriately, with your security in mind.

    InvestDubai is a brand specialized in finding high return property investments that offer highly attractive returns. InvestDubai is part of the Greenbull Group, a group aiming to become the world leader in personal finance. Our goal is to make it simple for individuals to access investment solutions that they would not normally have access to.
  • 2. Why should I invest through InvestDubai?
    InvestDubai offers high quality investment opportunities, transparent data, and gives investors the opportunity to diversify their real estate portfolios through a secure and regulated real estate investment platform.
    1. InvestDubai makes investment possible through SmartCrowd, a platform regulated by the Dubai Financial    Services Authority.
    2. You can create a diversified property portfolio and start earning passive income almost immediately.
    3. InvestDubai is fully digital. You can invest from anywhere in the world and no travel is required.
    4. Low minimum of AED 500 to invest in prime assets worth millions.
    5. It is a hassle-free investment. No personal asset management required.
    6. You join an exclusive network of like-minded people.
  • 3. How do I register?
  • How to register on InvestDubai?
    Create an account at https://investdubai.my.smartcrowd.ae/ and complete the whole process (it should take you less than 5 minutes).
  • How to register easily on Smartcrowd?
    Tuto KYC (5’)
  • How do I send funds from my bank account? Tuto
    Tuto FAQ (2’)
  • 📣Warning
    - Passport mandatory, condition is to have an expiry date > 40 days (national identity card, licence: not accepted )

    - Proof of residence: current month or M-1 condition
    • Bills (electricity, water, telephone, internet..)
    • Tax notices (property, housing, taxes)
    • Bank account statement (edited)
  • 📣Company
    Once KYC is validated, if you wish to invest as a legal entity (KYB):

    - Send KBIS, Statutes + Register of shareholders to the following 2 contacts


    SmartCrowd will review your profile ensuring that you have submitted all the necessary documents to start investing. The approval process can take between 24 and 48 hours.
  • I did not receive a link in my email. How do I sign up?
    Send us an email to Hello@investdubai.com .
  • Why am I asked for personal information and documents when I register?
    InvestDubai, through SmartCrowd, provides a financially regulated service and is required to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls as it is operated by a regulated infrastructure. For this reason, all investors are required to submit proof of identity (passport and national identity card) and proof of residence (e.g. utility bills, bank statements, tenancy agreement, etc.) as well as information on their employment, source of wealth and current annual income.
  • 4. How do I invest?
  • How do I become an investor?
    Once you have completed your profile by submitting all the necessary documents, fund your digital portfolio to see investment properties hand-picked by Investdubai.
  • Why am I being asked to fund my digital wallet?
    Funding your digital wallet with the minimum balance gives you the opportunity to access exclusive deals that typically don’t make it to the public market. Having funds in your digital wallet also ensures that you have sufficient capital to invest and don’t miss out on investment opportunities when lucrative deals are offered.
  • What is the maximum amount I can invest in a single property?
    InvestDubai limits maximum ownership to 24.99% in each investment opportunity to ensure no individual owns a majority interest. This is to protect the interest of all shareholders, whether large or small. InvestDubai exists to allow investors to diversify their investments. Why invest AED 1 million in one property when you can divide that into 20, reduce your risk, and optimize your returns?
  • How much can I invest through InvestDubai?
    The total amount that a user can invest through InvestDubai depends on the type of investor. There are two types of investors, retail investors, and professional investors.
  • What is the difference between a professional investor and a retail investor?
    Professional Investor: If you are classified as a “professional client,” then you will have no limitation on how much you can invest using our platform. A professional client has prior experience and an understanding of relevant financial markets, and a  net worth of USD 1 million excluding primary residence. 

    Retail Investor: If you are classified as a “retail client,” then you will be restricted to a total of $50,000 (approx. AED 183,000) investments in total in a calendar year i.e. from January 1st to December 31st.. According to the DFSA, an individual is classified as a Retail Client if they cannot meet the Professional Client criteria or if they opt to be classified as a Retail Client. These clients are also offered more protection because they are deemed to have less net worth, experience, and understanding of relevant financial markets than a Professional Client. We are required to provide Retail Clients with certain disclosures and risk warnings that we may not necessarily provide a Professional Client. Furthermore, we will handle Retail Client complaints per specific requirements as defined by the DFSA.

    Note: SmartCrowd classifies all users as a Retail Client unless the user requests to be classified as a Professional Client. 
  • 5. Is my money safe?
  • How do I know my money is safe?
    You are in 100% control of funds in your digital wallet. The investments and digital wallet is administered by SmartCrowd  a financially regulated platform .SmartCrowd is required to provide regular reports to the regulator on the client money account as well as conduct regular independent audits on the clint money account. Think of your digital wallet like a separate bank account to keep your capital safe to invest on the  InvestDubai platform . You can add or withdraw your funds from your digital wallet at any time at no charge to you. Please note: standard bank charges may apply at withdrawal depending on your bank. These charges are independent of InvestDubai.
  • How is InvestDubai regulated?
    InvestDubai is powered by SmartCrowd, a fully regulated real estate investment platform that enables investors to co-own investment properties to diversify assets, reduce risk, and optimize returns. SmartCrowd is registered in the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”). The DFSA is the financial services regulator of the DIFC. Furthermore, the investment structure is approved by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).
  • What is the partnership between Greenbull Services FZ, InvestDubai and SmartCrowd?
    InvestDubai is a brand of Greenbull Services FZ LLC, InvestDubai will leverage its expertise and industry leading approach to data to identify viable investment properties in the market and then use SmartCrowd's regulated infrastructure to deliver these opportunities to investors through a digital platform.
  • Are the investment properties insured?
    Yes. Each property is covered with standard property insurance that ensures your capital is protected against catastrophic damages such as floods or fires.
  • 6. How do I own my investment property?
  • How do I own my investment?
    You own a property via an investment vehicle, also called a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”). A separate SPV is established for each property on the platform.

    When you and other investors raise the entire investment amount to fund a property, an SPV is created, with you and the other investors becoming shareholders. The property title deed issued will have the name of the Special Purpose Vehicle. The SPV is solely responsible to hold the asset and distribute dividends to its shareholders. As an investor, you are a direct shareholder of the SPV and have direct access to any benefits associated with your investment. Once again, the shares are always the property of the investors, who are the ultimate beneficial owners.For all Dubai investments, the SPVs are registered in Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) (top 10 financial center in the world ).
  • What is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)? 
    A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is just a fancy way of saying “a separate new entity” - it’s no different than setting up a new company. 
  • Why do we need SPVs for each investment property?
    Through an SPV structure, property ownership is transparent and regulated. Investors can digitally check the ownership and shareholding in each of their SPVs via the DIFC public register. Insert the “Company Name/Trading Name” (this is the SPV name) and find your name listed as a shareholder in your property. The same information is registered with the Dubai Land Department ensuring full  legal recourse on your ownership.

    Additionally, there is no alternative method to have dozens of investors listed on a single title deed (think of all the paperwork that would need to be filed! As well other legal ramifications of having individuals on the title deed). An SPV structure allows for a seamless process whereby properties transactions are facilitated by InvestDubaiwho facilitates the entire process. It’s hassle-free, 100% digital investing at its finest.
  • Does InvestDubai own any part of my investment?
    No. InvestDubai has no ownership and only facilitates the process. Smart Crowd also has not ownership interest in the SPV. Smart Crowd as part of their regulated services establish the SPV and administer the SPV on behald of the investors and act upon their instruction all facilitated through the InvestDubai platform.
  • Do I need to invest additional capital to maintain my ownership?
    No. InvestDubai is a 100% equity-based real estate investing platform (no interest) and investors aren’t expected to make further capital contributions once they have made an investment. Gross rents fund all costs, including bills and fees, including property insurance. Any major capital expenditure will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis but the expectations are not have to any further capital costs. InvestDubai is designed to be one time hassle free investment.
  • 7. How do I earn a return?
  • How do I earn a return?
    Investors earn real estate returns from two main aspects: rental income and capital appreciation. InvestDubai is primarily focused on prime and luxury assets that offer a much higher potential for capital appreciation (which is typically when real estate investors make the most money). In order to realize capital gains, investors are encouraged to hold their investments for long term looking waiting for optimal exit windows in the real estate cycle.

    As for rental income, rental dividends will be paid out to investors based on the tenancy schedule of each of their properties. For example, if a tenant is paying rent quarterly, investors will receive dividends from that property once every four months. Rental dividends are issued from the property’s Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and you will receive returns proportionate to your ownership in the property. The returns available to property owners are calculated as the rent collected from tenants, minus the property-related costs, including but not limited to  service charges, repairs, maintenance, management fees, and investment vehicle administrative fees. We take care of all the hassle, so all you need to do is invest. All the dividends are paid into your digital InvestDubai wallet that can be reinvested or withdrawn at any time.

    Disclaimer: It is important to note that even though InvestDubai offers platform members thorough reports on all investment properties, the InvestDubai platform exists to provide investors with the right tools to make informed investment decisions in real estate. Historical performance is not a guarantee for future results (as is the case with any investment).
  • When are dividends paid?
    Your share of dividends will start accruing from the date the property is purchased or a later date if specified on the property listing page. The dividends are paid when the rent is collected (i.e., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually) within five days of receiving them from tenants.
  • How will I be informed about my returns?
    You will receive an email notifying you that dividends have been received for your investments and transferred into your InvestDubai digital wallet. You can also login to your dashboard to monitor your current investments and dividends received at any time. You can choose to withdraw those funds or accumulate them to reinvest in other opportunities.
  • 8. How do I select my investment property?
  • How are the listed properties selected?
    Each property goes through a rigorous screening criterion which takes into consideration over 100 different data points for investment quality. Before listing any property on the platform, financial analysts conduct thorough analysis using institutional level market data typically not available to private investors. The investment thesis is then laid out in an easy to understand report and presented to registered members on the platform. Additionally, to give members additional peace of mind, Smart Crowd also conducts due diligence on the property and  ensures that an independent evaluation is conducted by a Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA) approved valuator. This report is then shared with members on the platform.
  • Can I decide which property to invest in?
    Yes. You have 100% control over your investment decisions. InvestDubai only provides you with a marketplace of select, and pre-analyzed options to choose from. InvestDubai through SmartCrowd lists property details, including property amenities, financial data, market data, and real-time property valuation powered by an independent third party to assist you in your decision-making. InvestDubai or Smart Crowd does not provide any advice or recommendation. You decide how much and in which property you want to invest in.
  • Can I invest in multiple properties?
    Yes, but keep in mind that there are minimum and maximum amounts for investments on InvestDubai. The minimum is AED500, and the maximum is 24.99% of the property value
  • 9. Is InvestDubai Sharia Compliant?
    InvestDubai is not Shariah certified, but follows Shariah investing principles. No interest is used to structure any investment on the InvestDubai platform. InvestDubai provides 100% equity-based real estate investing options for its investors.
  • 10. What are the key risks?
  • What are my risks?
    InvestDubai does not remove any of the risks that you may experience should you acquire a residential property directly and outright (i.e. without a mortgage). Some additional risks are introduced by virtue of shared ownership and timing of your exit.

    We encourage you to diversify your InvestDubai investments across multiple properties to safeguard against excessive exposure to any one property that could incur issues such as tenant default or a problem specific to that property that impacts valuation.

    Investments in property and unlisted shares carry risk. Your capital may be at risk and you may not receive the anticipated returns. Unlisted shares carry the possibility of total loss of value. However, since there are underlying insured properties (i.e., tangible assets), the likelihood of your investment shares losing all value is highly unlikely.
  • Variable Income
    Whilst InvestDubai provides gross and net rental income estimates based on information from third parties, these are not guaranteed. It may be that lower rents are secured. Furthermore, rental income could cease completely for certain periods. In the event of a tenant failing to meet its obligations to the owner of the property, investors will experience a fall in the cash receipts and cash available for distribution to them. From time to time, vacancies can be expected to arise in the operation of real estate assets. In some cases, sizable vacancies may mean there is less cash available for distribution to investors.

    The value of your InvestDubai investment can go down as well as up and historic performance is not a guide to future performance. Achievement of rental and capital returns will depend on a range of factors including the property asset as well as the wider economy. A fall in the value of your investment may be due to a number of reasons, such as a fall in the underlying value of the property or a problem with the property that will need to be funded from future rental income. Real estate investments can perform in a cyclical way, and values may increase or decrease accordingly. Economic, political and legal issues can affect values as they would other asset classes. Any future downturn in the real estate market could materially adversely affect the value and income generated from a property investment. Investors are to individually assess and establish their level of comfort with this risk from the outset.

    If for any reason the operator ceases to carry on its business, investors may lose their capital money, incur costs or experience delays in the investment being wound up.
  • What does InvestDubai do to reduce risks?
    InvestDubai’s interests are aligned with their investors. All properties listed go through a rigorous review and a due diligence process. Financial and real estate experts carefully examine each property. InvestDubai provides all documentation so that investors can analyze their choices and make the most appropriate investment decision for their goals.
  • What can I do to minimize my risk on this platform?
    InvestDubai encourages investors to diversify their investments by distributing capital across multiple properties. For example, instead of contributing AED 10,000, to a single property, you can contribute AED 2,500 to 4 different properties. This minimizes your risk by diversifying your investments and gives you option to invest your capital into other assets besides real estate.
  • 11. What fee do you charge?
  • What fee am I charged for using InvestDubai ?
    InvestDubai will charge a 4% transaction fee on entry.  You will receive 100% appreciation on sale.

    The costs are variable per project and will be broken down in the investment paper for each project
  • 12. Regulatory Disclosure
    InvestDubai is a product of Greenbull Servives FZ LLC and is powered by Smart Crowd Limited (SmartCrowd), which is fully regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).
  • Additional information about Client Custodian Account
    Client Money is held in a segregated Client Account with Emirates NBD and is administered by Smart Crowd. Whilst Emirates NBD is accountable to Smart Crowd for the safe keeping of its Client Money, EmiratesNBD does not have a relationship with Smart Crowd’s  or InvestDubai’s clients directly. Therefore, Smart Crowd is wholly accountable for  investors “Client Money”. Smart Crowd has undertaken due diligence of EmiratesNBD’s custodial systems and controls and deemed fit and proper to hold Client Money on Smart Crowds behalf.

    Clients of InvestDubai(and therefore, SmartCrowd) are subject to the protection conferred by the DFSA’s Client Money Provisions and therefore:

    this Money will be held separate from Money belonging to SmartCrowd and/or InvestDubai; and in the event of the Authorised Firm’s insolvency, winding up or other Distribution Event stipulated by the DFSA, the Client’s Money will be subject to the DFSA’s Client Money Distribution Rules. Interest on Client Money is not payable to you as a Client of InvestDubai and/or Smart Crowd.