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SmartCrowd Limited (Smart Crowd) is licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority to carry on the operation of a crowdfunding platform pursuant to licence number F004285 with registered address of The Fintech HIVE, level 4, Gate Precinct 5, DIFC, Dubai, UAE. Smart Crowd is also authorized to provide its authorized financial services to Retail Clients and Hold or Control Client Assets. Smart Crowd is solely responsible for all aspects of the listing and sale of the listed properties.

InvestDubai is a brand of Greenbull Services FZ LLC, a company registered in Fujairah, Office 1309, 13th floor, creative tower with licence number 100564838900003. InvestDubai’s role is as a client of SmartCrowd wherein it will list properties for investment through the SmartCrowd platform. It has no responsibility for the administration of the platform, the properties nor any investment into the listed properties.


Frequently asked questions

1. What is InvestDubai?

2. How to invest?

3. What documents do I need to register?

4. Is a passport required?

5. Why am I being asked personal details and to submit my documents?

6. How long does it take for my account validation?

7. How to access Flip deals via crowdfunding?

8. How do I add funds to my wallet?

9. What is the maximum fractional ownership of investment property that I can hold (invest)?

10. Can I invest more than $50,000 (or approximately AED183,625) in any single calendar year?

11. Can I invest as a legal entity?

12. What is the holding period of my investment?

13. Am I the owner of the property in which I have invested?

14. What if I don’t have an AED account? Is it better to send AED or Euros from my European bank?

15. What can I do if my bank refuses to make my transfer to Dubai?

16. What if my bank insists that it cannot send AEDs but only Euros?

18. My bank asks me for more information in relation to the reasons for transferring funds. What should I send them?

18. My bank is asking me for an economic code / POP code (Purpose of Payment), what code should I send?

19. How long does it take to register?

20. What is an SPV?

21. Why do we need an SPV for each property?

22. Is the SPV subject to taxation?

23. Can I invest in several projects?

24. How do I earn a return on my investment?

25. Can I reinvest my earnings in my wallet?

26. Is it possible to own a property in Dubai without being a Dubai citizen?

27. What happens if the fundraising campaign target for a specific investment project is not met?

28. What happens to the excess funds transferred to my wallet if they are not invested?

29. What happened when there is a material change that may affect the value or return of investment?

31. How do I sell/exit my investment?

31. What regulatory authority oversees the process?

32. Does InvestDubai own any part of my investment?

33. How will I be notified of my returns?

34. How are the properties listed selected?

35. What are the risks?

36. How are the risks reduced?

37. How can I minimize my risk?

38. What are the fees charged?

39. What happens if SmartCrowd faces financial distress and/or the business ceases operations and goes into liquidation ?

40. Regulatory Information

41. Does SmartCrowd have a Conflict of interest Management policy?

42. Are there any other third-party service providers that SmartCrowd uses ?

43. I still have a question