Frequently asked questions

1. What is InvestDubai ?

2. How to invest ?

3. What documents do I need to register ?

4. Is a passport required ?

5. How long does it take for my InvestDubai account validation ?

6. How to access Flip deals ?

7. How do I access Hold deals ?

8. How do I add funds to my wallet ?

9. What is the maximum amount I can invest in a property ?

10. Can I invest as a legal entity ?

11. What is the holding period of my investment ?

12. Am I the owner of the property in which I have invested ?

13. What if I don’t have an AED account? Is it better to send AED or Euros from my European bank?

14. What can I do if my bank refuses to make my transfer to Dubai ?

15. What if my bank insists that it cannot send AEDs but only Euros ?

16. My bank asks me for proof of payment to transfer my funds, what should I send them ?

17. My bank is asking me for an economic code / POP code (Purpose of Payment), what code should I send ?

18. How long does it take to register with InvestDubai ?

19. What is an SPV ?

20. Why do we need an SPV for each property ?

21. Is the SPV subject to taxation?

22. Can I invest in several projects ?

23. Can I reinvest my earnings in my wallet ?

24. Is it possible to own a property in Dubai without being a Dubai citizen ?

25. What happens to the excess funds transferred to my wallet if they are not invested ?

26. What regulatory authority does InvestDubai follow ?

27. Does InvestDubai own any part of my investment ?

28. Do I have to invest additional capital to retain ownership of my Hold investment ?

29. How are dividends paid ?

30. How will I be notified of my returns ?

31. How are the properties listed selected?

32. What are the risks?

33. What does InvestDubai do to reduce risk ?

34. How can I minimize my risk ?

35. Variable Income

36. What are the fees charged by InvestDubai ?

37. What are the other fees for Hold ?

38. Regulatory Information

39. How do I exceed the annual limit of AED 183,625 or $50,000 per year?

40. Can I invest as an American citizen ?

41. I still have a question