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Le meilleur des deux mondes:

• Flip : la méthode court terme.
Nous achetons, nous rénovons, nous vendons.

• Tenir : La méthode long terme.
Nous achetons, nous louons.

Gagnez 1% de chaque transaction.

Créez et partagez votre lien facilement.

Chaque client peut investir à partir de seulement 500 AED.

The best of both worlds:


The long-term way.
We buy, we rent.

Duration up to 5 years
Annual return: >8%


The short-term way.
We buy, we renovate, we sell.

Duration up to 12 months
Annual return: >12%
Short term liquidity
Earn 1% of every transaction
Create and share your link easily
Every client can invest starting from just 2000 AED
Greenbull Group

Excite your clients with high-yielding properties

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Spread the word. Share your link. Earn commission.
Earn 1% commission on every transaction
Send a link to your
existing clients
Everybody can invest starting from 2000 AED
Earn commission every time your client invests

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How it works

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Client invest, earn 1% commission on every investment

How it works

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Our partner, SmartCrowd, is the first and largest DFSA regulated property crowdfunding platform in the MENA region.
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